Company Profile

Boone & Boone Sales is your passageway to quality products and services in the HVAC, Plumbing, Industrial and Architectural markets. As a manufacturer’s representative since 1980, we have made it our mission to be the systems experts in fluid handling applications including steam, hydronics, plumbing, chilled water, hot water, condenser water, and a host of industrial applications.

With employees in three locations, 15,000 sq. ft. of fully stocked warehouse space, full fabrication capabilities, educational facilities, and over 180 years of combined experience. Boone & Boone stands ready to help you find the quality products and services you need – right now!

Each of our three offices (Tulsa, OK – Oklahoma City, OK – Little Rock, AR) can handle all of your needs, from basic hydronics to high-end, fully engineered and pre-packaged skid assemblies. Our two Oklahoma offices in Tulsa and Oklahoma City can fabricate complete pumps in-house, often in a matter of hours!

Our professional sales staff has countless years of experience and training in system design, parts identification, product application and troubleshooting. Our team has the experience and passion to focus on all aspects of our industry from plumbing and heating to air conditioning and snow melting.

Our goal is to give you the most professional and thorough service available. Whether it’s finding a part for a Bell & Gossett pump, designing a hydronic radiant heating system, troubleshooting a domestic water heating problem, building a pump for an emergency order, field measuring custom fin tube or replacement HVAC coils, or providing an educational seminar, you can count on us finding the right product and the right service for you.


In 1980, Bill and Andy Boone formed Boone and Boone Sales and began marketing Bell & Gossett products in Oklahoma and NW Arkansas. Through Bill’s leadership, the company’s philosophy and direction as we know it today, began to evolve. Additional product lines, and experienced professional staff were added to fulfill the ever increasing needs of our customers. Cary Pestel joined the team in 1997 and worked as an outside salesman in the Tulsa area and took care of the NW Arkansas territory. Bill and Andy began looking at retirement in 2005 and Cary stepped into the ownership role.

In 2008 Cary completed the purchase of 100% of the stock and became President and CEO. About the time this transaction was completed the Bell & Gossett firm in Eastern Arkansas came up for sale and Cary purchased them thereby expanding the company’s sales territory by almost two fold.

Cary’s experience and leadership has grown the company at a steady pace. “My goal as a leader is to provide a work environment that allows everyone to grow both professionally and financially”.

The Corporate policy has not changed much since Bill and Andy retired. We strive to train our employees to be expert “systems” people. We can, and do, represent the best manufacturers in the industry. By understanding the HVAC equipment we represent and applying a “systems” approach, we make sure we apply the correct equipment for the duty it is required to do.

The company’s basic philosophy of providing quality customer service through a highly trained staff of professionals continues today. Boone and Boone Sales is committed to excellence and we thank our valued customers for their continued confidence in us.